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Simply Puvay Bird's Nest Drink (Bundle of 3)

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Simply Puváy with Stevia (Sugar-Free)
Simply Puváy with Rock Sugar
Simply Puváy with Honey Rock Sugar

Simply Puváy is a light everyday bird’s nest drink. Starting with the great tasting classic rock sugar flavour. Next, the extremely popular honey rock sugar drink, together with all the benefits of bird’s nest, honey rock sugar is also used in Traditional Chinese medicine to boost immunity and cure laryngitis. Finally the sugar-free option which uses iLite™ Stevia, a natural sweetener that is calorie-free and that does not compromise taste.
Simply Puváy is a great and affordable way to stay healthy with the benefits of bird's nest!

100% natural
Halal certified
No preservatives
No chemical bleaching
No artificial flavouring or colouring
Immaculately cleaned and sterilized

Net volume: 140ml
Total bird's nest content: 10%

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