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Puvay Daily 6 pack - Sugar Free

  • $50.00

Puvay is one of the only few Bird's Nest brand that has a sugar-free variant that uses "Stevia", an natural sweetener. Puváy Daily Bird's Nest (Sugar-Free) will be a natural and calorie-free option for health conscious individuals or diabetics, as it does not elevate blood glucose levels. 

Ingredients: Bird’s nest, Water and iLite™ Stevia (Erythritol, Stevia Leaf Extracts (Steviol Glycosides) and natural flavourings)

100% natural
No preservatives
No chemical bleaching
No artificial flavouring or colouring
Immaculately cleaned and sterilized
Suitable for diabetics

Net weight: 6 bottles x 50g
Drained weight: 25g per bottle
Total bird's nest content: 50%


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