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CNY Special 2018 Happy Reunion

  • $238.00
  • Save $20

Gift Set consist of: 

Item 1
Puvay Petite Twin Pack Bird's Nest (with Rock Sugar) 2 x 70g

Item 2
Puvay Daily Classic Rock Sugar Bird's Nest 6 x 50g

Item 3
Japanese Dried Scallop 1 x 80g

Item 4
Wellness Hut Fortune Tea 1 x 35g

Item 5
Japanese White Flower Mushroom 65g

Item 6
HAOS South Africa Abalone 2 x 100g

Item 7
Lucky Kit (Auspicious Red Dates 100g, Prosperous Fa Cai 10g, Longevity White Fungus 1pcs)

Add-on Specials: 

Puvay Beauty Kit (U.P: SGD 37, Now: SGD 22)
Puvay Chia Lite (Pomegranate with Wild Berries + Passionfruit with Mango) 160ml x 2 
Puvay Collagen Drink (Berry Husky, Passionfruit Spring + Peach Perfect) 160ml x 3


Puvay Sugar Free Nourishing Kit (U.P: SGD 35, Now: SGD 22)
Simply Puvay Bird's Nest Drink (Stevia) 140g x 2 
Puvay Daily Sugar-free Bird's Nest 50g x 3

Puvay Reduced Sugar Nourishing Kit (U.P: SGD 85, Now: SGD 48)
Puvay Petite Twin Pack (Low Sugar) 70g x 2 
Puvay Daily Sugar-free Bird's Nest 50g x 2 


  • Diabetic-friendly option for the bird's nest is available. Please do indicate in the upon check-out if you require diabetic-friendly bird's nest. 
  • Add-on purchases will be packed separately by default. Should you require the add-ons to be packed into the hamper. Please indicate at check-out. 

Note: As all the gifts set are made to order, please do allow 3 - 5 working days to prepare the orders after placing orders. 

Note: Delivery will commence in mid-Jan 2018. 

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