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About Us

Wellness Hut aims to bring you the best food for your health and wellness, so that you can look good and feel good from the inside out.

We are a group of food technologists with more than 10 years of experience in food manufacturing processes. Our unique approach towards sourcing for quality food by understanding our suppliers' manufacturing processes ensures that we only bring the best to our customers.  

Wellness Hut, bringing you the best food for your wellness.

Our Logo

Our Logo

  • Pink circle represents you and your love one

  • Yellow circle represents your friends

  • Turquoise circle represents your family

  • Green tree represents health and wellness

  • The green tree embracing the 3 circles shows that we promise to provide products that will promote your health and wellness for you, your family and friends.

Our Products & Services

  • Birdnest

  • Collagen products

  • Natural low calorie sweetener (diabetic friendly)

  • Virgin coconut products

  • Tea and herbal infusions

  • Gift Sets

  • Corporate talk