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Chia Seeds Drink

Weight management is not always easy. If we consume more calories than we need, we will gain weight. Besides the aesthetic, being overweight can increase your risks of diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, and certain cancers.

Therefore, it is utmost important that we maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. This would include: exercising regularly, limiting snacking, reducing calorie intake, controlling portion size, and increasing fibre intake.

No matter how hard we try to maintain a healthy and trim body, we are always curbed by hunger pangs and uncontrolled snacking habits. Snacking and hunger pangs would usually tempt you to nosh after meals or in-between meals, which increase your calorie intake and cause weight gain.  In addition, our diets also tend to be high in fat and sugar, and low in fibre.  However, you may ask, how can we control our hunger and increase our fibre intake effectively? (Source: Puvay

Chia Lite!